Concert Review: Pop Sensation Powerline Performs in LA (Father and Son Crash Performance)


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Last night The Early Registration traveled to California to catch the Los Angeles date on Powerline’s 2015 tour. Of course you know Powerline is the biggest name is pop music today, so we could not have been more excited to see him live. Also, now with Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction, Powerline’s star status will only grow more-and-more. And yeah, sure, we could have caught the performance on Pay-Per-View (that’s how big Powerline is), but why not be there in person?

Check out our concert review and some footage from the performance below!

The show started without issue. Powerline, who needed no opener, kicked off things with great energy and performed some of his earliest hits, like ‘Stand Out’. The highlight of the night though came when PL performed his smash hit ‘Eye to Eye’. To the surprise of many (including Powerline) a couple guests joined him on stage. Half-way through the song, a fan fan’s father appeared on stage and was almost killed by Powerline’s pyrotechnics. And while most performers (see Action Bronson) would throw the unwanted guest off stage (or at least have security take care of things), Powerline didn’t stop his performance and instead danced with the dad, who has now been identified as Spoonerville’s Goofy Goof. How Powerline knew Goofy’s signature dance move (“The Perfect Cast”) is a mystery to us.

Moments later, Goofy’s son Max Goof swung from the rafters and joined the two on stage. As we are told, the two did not even have tickets to the sold-out show. Rumors suggest that the Goofs snuck into the arena by hiding in luggage. “He crashed the concert to try and impress some thot named Roxanne,” Max’s friend Bobby Zimmeruski told us. Either way, what a move by Powerline! Instead of letting the visitors ruin the set, he “powered” through it and gave Los Angeles a killer performance.

A+ Concert

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