Did TDE CEO Anthony Tiffith Take Shots at Big Sean for Dissing Kendrick Lamar?


Courtesy of MTV

It looks like Anthony Tiffith, CEO of Tod Dawg Entertainment (TDE), did not take kindly to Big Sean’s subliminal Kendrick Lamar diss on his ‘Me, Myself & I‘ freestyle. In the new freestyle to promote his new album Dark Sky Paradise, Big Sean raps “Ya’ll bragging about so and so, like “Oh, he really it? The new n*gga in rap? Well can he really spit?”  Or do he just hide behind his skits like half of these rappers doin’, and ya’ll f*cking go and praise him in this bitch like they the savior of the sh*t (rap),” which may be subliminal shots to Kendrick Lamar, who many praise as the savior of rap. Well if Tiffith saw it like others did, he may have just expressed his opinion on his TwitterTiffith tweeted “YALL PLEASE LEAVE DOT (Kendrick) ALONE MAN.HE DONT TAKE NO 1 SERIOUS..HE DONT FUCK WITH NOBODY..PLZ, BECUZ WHEN HE GO,HES GONE & IT WONT BE SUBLIMINAL.” In simpler terms, Kendrick Lamar (as he did in his Big Sean collaboration ‘Control’) calls out rappers directly (not subliminally, perhaps in contrast to Big Sean). Is a Kendrick Lamar response coming soon?


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