Death Grips Release Mysterious New Rehearsal Footage, Jenny Death Coming Soon?


Photo by Jimmy Fontaine

Today, Death Grips have released a new video of almost twenty minutes of rehearsal footage. This is the latest move in a string of strange activity from the group since the release of their last album, niggas on the moon. From break-up letters written on napkins, creating fake but not actually fake Twitters, and surprise releasing a soundtrack where all the end letters spell out “JENNYDEATHWHEN”, the group has been seriously messing with it’s audience.

While it’s hard to tell, it’s sounds like the group is playing new material, possibly from their long-awaited second half to their double album the powers that bJenny Death. Additionally, this rehearsal footage correlates two days before Sacramento Fashion Week kicks off. This is important as the groups latest release was a soundtrack entitled Fashion Week, and Death Grips are based in Sacramento. So, does this mean we’ll be getting Jenny Death soon? Keep checking the website to find out.


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