50 Cent and ASAP Rocky Exchange Words Over 50’s Girl “Tatted Up Holly”


Courtesy of AP

Looks like drama is building up between rappers 50 Cent and A$AP Rocky. It all started as A$AP Rocky sent a direct message to 50 Cent’s girl “Tatted Up Holly” over Instagram, where Rocky messaged “HEY LUV, I REALLY LIKE UR STYLE AND WOULD LUV TO BUILD IF UR FREE.” Then after Holly sent the message 50’s way, the rapper put Rocky on blast on his Instagram by posting a screenshot of the DM and the caption “Boy of boy, last time I seen this punk he had a dress on. You cant afford holly I gave her habits, get your weight up first boy. Bentley and better over here n*gga. can you buy that? f*ck you think. I’, Kanye and you Wiz lol.” Nice jab at Wiz too, we must say.

Soon after Rocky was quick to respond on his Twitter, telling 50 that he didn’t know “she was (50’s)” and to “quit acting like a jealous sugar daddy.” Get your popcorn ready and check to see if the tension builds up. Check out the messages below.


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