The 10 Best Fictional Musicians

Dick in a Box Guys

TV Show: Saturday Night Live

Top Song: Dick In a Box

Best Lyric: “I know just what you mean, my moms been so sad and gray. My dad can’t satisfy her in bed ever since he passed away.”

No one knows their name, but the ‘Dick in a Box’ guys are a definite favorite. Giving us other hits like ‘3 Way (The Golden Rule)’ and ‘Motherlover’, the ‘Dick in a Box’ guys have some sexy pipes and R&B jams that would make R. Kelly jealous.


Movie: 8 Mile

Top Song: Shook Ones (Freestyle)

Best Lyric: “Looking like a cyclone hit you, tank top screming Lotto ‘I don’t fit you!’.”

We don’t know how B-Rabbit puts together a record or album, but he sure knows how to battle rap. The greatest fictional rap battler of all time, played by the greatest real rap battler of all time and one of the best rappers of all time, Eminem, 8 Mile is a classic due to B-Rabbit’s battle raps.

Aldous Snow

Movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek

Top Song: Inside of You

Best Lyric: “We got the itch, you got the scratch. Burns, burns, burns, like the head of a match. You take the front, I’ll take the back.Oh yeah, we got the clap.”

You may know this singer from another of places, from his legendary performance at the Greek Theatre, to his relationship with actress Sarah Marshall, or even his reunion performance at the Greek Theatre after his long history of drug abuse. Aldous Snow, played by Russle Brand, is a true rocker.

Krazee-Eyez Killa

TV Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Top Song: I’m Coming To Get Ya

Best Lyric: “If you say anything, you’ll beg me to die, cuz I’ll make you suck my dick then I’ll nut in your eye.”

He doesn’t have the flow (or hustle) of Djay, but Krazee-Eyez Killa is a personality and an entertainer. He is not afraid to get perverse and shocking and he has co-writes and a co-sign by one of the greatest writers of all time, LD Larry David himself. He’s coming for you…. he’s the Krazee-Eyez Killa.



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