J. Cole Gives Fans a Chance to Come to His House and Hear His New Album


Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A couple days ago we broke the news about J. Cole’s new album 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Then came the trailer for the rapper’s junior release. Now J. Cole is giving fans the chance to come to his childhood home (where the album get its name) to listen to the new album. 2014 Forest Hills Drive will not have any single so be sure to stay updated on its December 9th release.

Read J. Cole’s letter to fans below and enter now for your chance to win.

“What’s good? This is Cole. I just bought my old crib back. This is the house I started rapping in at 13 years old. 2014 Forest Hills Drive. As a kid, moving into this place changed my life in so many ways. Too many to type. Unfortunately, the house was foreclosed from my mother when I was 18 and I always dreamed of buying it back one day for closure. It’s the first house I have ever owned.

My new album is called 2014 Forest Hills Drive. I’m not dropping any singles. I want you to hear the album straight through, front to back. The only way to hear the album before it’s release is to enter for your chance to be invited to my house,2014 Forest Hills Drive Fayetteville, North Carolina 28303. There are very limited spots. Good luck.

And please take your shoes off before you walk in my crib!!!”


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