Tyga Having More Troubles With Young Money Label Mates and Affiliates


Photo By: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Rapper Tyga has been having even more troubles with his Young Money label mates and affiliates after openly dissing Drake and Nicki Minaj.

OVO rapper Chubbs fired shots over at Tyga yesterday by posting a Instagram video of Tyga’s infamous appearance on the cancelled MTV show “Bustas”, in which you can see Tyga talking about his easy upbringing and his lavish lifestyle growing up. Near the end of the clip is another one spliced onto the “Bustas” footage, in which Arizona coach Dennis Green proclaims “They are who we thought they were”. This can be easily interpreted as Chubbs trying to say that they (they being fellow OVO members) always thought Tyga was someone who they did not really care about because of his non-apparent “street cred”.

To make matters even worse, fellow OVO members have also been sharing and commenting on the video. Coming right after the Drake and Nicki Minaj comments, you have to wonder what Tyga will do from here on out. One thing is for sure though, he better be ready to do something; Drake is already setting up his own pre-emptive strike by liking all of Tyga’s ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna’s Instagram pictures. Uh-oh.


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