Snoop Dogg Takes Iggy Azalea Beef to a New Level


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

While on the surface, a beef between Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea seems pretty humorous, as you have an old school rapper (whose years are well behind him) and a white female rapper from Australia airing out their hate for another, Snoop Dogg took things to a new level.

Originally it started off humorous, by Snoop posting a picture of an albino women with the caption “Iggy Azalea No Makeup”, and then comparing Azalea to Marlon Wayans character in White Chicks.  She then responded on Twitter saying “”Why would you post such a mean pic on insta?” and “I’m disappointed you’d be such an ass for no reason” and posted a picture comparing him to a drugged out old woman, tweets which have since been deleted. He didn’t stop there, as he was clearly enjoying himself while posting more pictures mocking Azalea’s appearance. All the while, Iggy did her best to keep cool and was the bigger person, expressing disgust in Snoop Dogg.

Next as any good boyfriend should, Los Angeles Laker’s Nick Young, responded by calling the rapper a loser who was going through a midlife crisis, then asking the rapper if he had bought a convertible yet. Then Snoop Dogg went off on his Instagram

“Say b*tch, You’re f**king with the wrong n**ga! And your n**ga betta check you before I do…. Yeah, you. You f*cking c*nt.”

This is where the beef stops being funny, and it is not a good look for Snoop. While Snoop is a gangsta, ‘acting gangsta’ online to a woman you have been bullying (for no reason), in a very serious tone, is not going to get you anywhere. And if you got enough heat for saying f*ggot online, calling a woman a c*nt and laughing about it isn’t going to do well either. Maybe he really is going through a midlife crisis and is desperate for attention?

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