UNCUT | Pharrell’s ‘i am OTHER’ Label Needs to Drop Snoop Dogg, Like It’s Hot


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

If you haven’t heard, Pharrell has signed Snoop Dogg to his i am OTHER record label, for the release of Snoop Dogg’s next album. The ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ collaborators have been friends for many years and this deal marks a major step in their work together. However, while the two are both legends in the hip-hop world, given the turn Snoop has taken in the past few years, at the core this is not a good look for Pharrell.

Snoop Dogg has been going down the wrong path, both musically and personally. In case you missed it, Snoop got a ton of bad press over his recent comments about Iggy Azalea. To recap, Snoop singled out Iggy for virtually no reason, calling her both a b*tch and a c*nt. While hip-hop often condones uses of the word b*tch, and often has sexist themes, this conduct is beyond acceptable. There is a big difference between rapping about how “hos are on you d—” and bullying a female artist and calling her a c*nt. Then to my personal disgust, his apology made headlines. There is absolutely nothing wrong with realizing you are wrong and giving a sincere apology, but this was far from sincere.

In his video apology, which did not need to be public, he told his fans how the ‘beef’ is over and that he apologized for his actions. There are a few very big problems with his apology however. First, he did not call Azalea personally, he called rapper and friend T.I., who signed Azalea. Not only is it not sincere to apologize to someone other than the person that you called a c*nt, but there is something fundamentally sexist about him apologizing to T.I., as if T.I. is Iggy’s pimp and speaks for her on all matters. Secondly, in the video he seems so proud that he apologized, like he should get a humanitarian award. Finally, in the caption of the video he says “no harm no foul”, as if Iggy actually did anything that bad to Snoop. While she took a slight jab at his appearance as well, generally she kept her cool and expressed how disappointed she was that he would say those things about here. “No harm, no foul”… maybe Iggy should make that call, not you Snoop.


Iggy did make that call however, accepting Snoop’s apology. It disappoints me that Iggy accepted the apology, although I certainly understand why she did. She didn’t ask for this press or to be brought into the situation, nor should she have to be the voice for women everywhere just because Snoop Dogg decided to pick on her. A big part of me though wishes that she would have not given up so easy. Maybe remind Snoop, that despite his poor apology, he could have picked up the phone to call her personally and that it is not that easy to make up for calling a woman such words. This however is not her responsibility, and you can’t blame her for focusing on the positive and trying to move on.

Snoop Dogg hasn’t only proven lately that he is sexist, but racist and homophobic as well. Racist, I say with a grain of salt, as racism from minorities towards whites is a very controversial subject, and arguably such racism (by definition) isn’t true racism at all. Either way, Snoop recently has been posting videos in ‘white-face’ pretending to be a white character with glasses and blonde hair, named Todd. This is nowhere near as offensive, in my opinion, as a white person wearing ‘black-face’, however it is still not a good look for Snoop’s character. Snoop also got in trouble from the LGBT community, again (big surprise) for his conduct on Instagram.

While responding to a fans comments, Snoop went through the user’s photos, and reposted a picture of the man in bed with another man. The caption read “U n ya boyfriend since u like Jumpn on my page disrespectn bitch boy go suck ya man n get off my line f. A. G.” Not only is it troublesome because Snoop thinks that ‘fag’ is an acronym, but such language is extremely offensive. This may have been okay over a decade ago, but not today. Maybe this guy was disrespecting Snoop Dogg, but Snoop responded by disrespecting a whole class of people, using a derogatory slur and suggesting that there is something wrong with being gay.

Hip-hop may not be the most female and gay friendly culture, but still, it is 2014 and thankfully more rappers wouldn’t cosign such conduct. Snoop does get his share of backlash, but arguably not enough. He should not get a free pass to be hateful, merely because he rapped in a different time.

This conduct is certainly not in line with the type of person Pharrell is. All it takes is watching one interview with Pharrell, or one episode of The Voice, to tell that Pharrell is a great guy. Hell, the most controversial thing the man has done is wearing an ugly hat. Go ahead and search online to find one credible bad thing that someone has said about Pharrell… We will wait… Didn’t find anything did you? While Pharrell is clearly of greater character than Snoop, Snoop’s actions are not the only reason Pharrell should disassociate himself with his old friend Snoop on the business side of things.

Snoop is also on the vast downhill of his career musically. At the height of his career, Snoop was one of the biggest names in music. His first two albums combined for over 1.3 million albums sold in their first week. Snoop’s last two albums combined for less than 100,000. Number do not tell everything however, but the quality in the music is not what it used to be either. Doggystyle and Tha Doggfather are classic staples in rap. These albums will forever be recognized as classic and defined the music of its decade. His last couple albums were far from classic unfortunately, only receiving scores of 53 and 58 out of 100 on Metacritic. It is hard to imagine that even with production from Pharrell, one the greatest producers ever, that Snoop has any good or selling albums left in him.

You cannot deny that Snoop Dogg is a legend. He is a rap pioneer, gave America some of their favorite classic rap songs, and genuinely seems like a fun guy whose flaws have not defined him as a person. However all the same good things can be said about Pharrell. He is truly a class act and is one of the best to ever produce or rap. If you know someone that doesn’t like Pharrell, you need to question who you associate yourself with, and Pharrell does not need to associate himself with someone who conducts themselves like Snoop. However, Pharrell does not need me to tell him who his friends are and he is still a business man. But this does not seem like good business. Snoop does not have enough in him to put out another album that can either sell well, or that is of good quality. His glory days are well behind him and he spends way too much time offending people on Instagram, to climb back up to the top. Sorry Pharrell, but you need to euthanize your ties with this dog, and ‘drop him like it’s hot’.

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