2012 XXL Freshman List: Where Are They Now?

Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Iggy Azeala

Just like Macklemore, Iggy seemed to be another corny white rapper that would fade. Her album dropped to little fanfare and underwhelming sales… then ‘Fancy’ happened.

Don Trip


Machine Gun Kelly

This guy’s relevancy has definitely taken a hit. To his city and fanbase, he’s still THAT dude but to the outside world he’s fallen off. While he does have a very inspiring story and determination, let’s be honest, he was never that good to begin with.


Hopsin has basically fallen off the Earth. While he is a good MC, his gimmicks and corniness caught up with him, and Eminem came back with a new album so the need for Hopsin faded quickly.

Roscoe Dash

Since becoming the seeming successor to T-Pain as Hip-Hop’s hook master, Roscoe Dash got the baton passed to him- and immediately dropped it, making way for Future.

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