Nicki Minaj Compares Upcoming Album To “Blueprint”


Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Clear Channell

In a recent interview with DJ Semtex on BBC 1Extra, rapper Nicki Minaj has turned heads by comparing her upcoming album “The Print Print” to Jay-Z classic “The Blueprint”, beyond just its title.

In the interview Minaj said “I really feel like this album will be a blueprint for female rappers to come.” She also went on to say that the comparison alone should tell listeners how confident she is in the album. While there is no question that Minaj has dominated the rap game for females in the past few year, we are not sure how this bold claim may be received.

The “Monster” featured rapper also spoke about her relationship with Lil Wayne. “One of the biggest motivators in my career was just watching Wayne’s work ethic when I first came in the game,” she said. “I would see him go so hard, and do so many features, and so many mixtapes, and do so many albums. Whether he and I are on a song or not, we always have this insane connection that I can’t explain.”

Check out the album when it drops and her interview with DJ Semtex below.

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