Album Review: Animal Ambition | 50 Cent

Animal Ambition

2009 was the year that “Before I Self Destruct” dropped and since then we’ve been without a new 50 album. The hip hop landscape has changed as well. In a world where Drake wears the crown, can 50 Cent roam in the same jungle he once ruled?   50 Cent starts the album with the song “Hold On”. The song talks mostly about regular 50 Cent stuff. Reminding us that he’s still the same guy back then that he is now. I didn’t learn anything new from this song that I didn’t already know about 50 Cent. Don’t mess with him. I think we all know this already.

The album continues with the trend of “regular 50 Cent stuff” I spoke on before. He’s rich and still making money. He also doesn’t want you to worry about it. The thing is I’m interested. I want to learn more about this stuff. I want to learn more about the person yet the album doesn’t stray away from the same which is disappointing. Overall this album is consistent in its subject matter. Will you learn anything new? Maybe, but not likely if you’ve ever listened to a 50 Cent album before. But wait, 50 isn’t done yet. He’ll be dropping another album later this year called “Street King Immortal” which is set to be released on September 16th. Oh and he’s also reformed G Unit. So 50 cent seems to be focused on his music this year quoted saying in an interview with MTV “I’m satisfied with the momentum, because it’s building to what I need it to be for Street King Immortal,” he said of Animal Ambition’s sales. “[And] just the excitement of having everybody back around too. It’s adding to the momentum, because they’re hearing more music from me, or G-Unit. It’s all my music.”



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