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Cast Revealed for CB4 Biopic “Straight Outta Locash” (Ice Cube, Hannibal Buress & More)


The cast for the upcoming CB4 biopic was revealed today, and it is already causing a fair amount of controversy. For our younger readers, CB4 was the premiere gangster rap group from the 90s, which consists of MC Gusto, Dead Mike and Stab Master Arson. Why the name CB4? Because these three Southern California gangster met while under custody in the prison block, Cell Block 4. The upcoming film, titled “Straight Outta Locash” after CB4’s hit single of the same name, will hit theaters everywhere this summer on August 1st.

Likely causing the most controversy is the casting of CB4’s Stab Master Arson, who reportedly will be portrayed by family friendly Are We There Yet? actor Ice Cube. The name “Stab Master Arson” says it all, and going with such a safe and conservative choice (i.e. someone who starred alongside Keke Palmer) doesn’t seem like the right fit. “I just can’t picture Ice Cube being in a gangster rap group.” said one fan on Twitter.

While the casting of the other members, MC Gusto and Dead Mike, are also being met with backlash, they are controversial for different reasons. Many believe that the movie studio simply casted a light skin version of Gusto to appeal to a white audience. Playing the role of CB4 frontman MC Gusto will be Think Like a Man actor, Michael Ealy. “He has blue eyes for God’s sake” tweeted one fan. The studio’s only good pick was casting comedian Hannibal Buress, after the success of his set during Comedy Central‘s Justin Bieber Roast. Although some believe that Buress’ anti-rape views aren’t gangster and rapey enough to portray the Locash rapper.

Watch CB4’s classic ‘Straight Outta Locash’ video and check out the “Straight Outta Locash: The Story of CB4” poster, below!

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