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Summerfest Day 2 In Photos: Nelly, The Wallflowers, Marshmello & More


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

In addition to boasting itself as the World’s Largest Music Festival, Milwaukee’s Summerfest consistently has one of the most diverse lineups in music today.

That diversity continued today as artists like Nelly, The Wallflowers, Marshmello and more all took stage to headline their respective stages on Thursday night.

Check out our photos of day two of Summerfest 2018 below.

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Photos: V103 Block Party Brings Jill Scott, Nelly, Kelly Rowland & More to Chicago


Photo by Jesus Montero/The Early Registration

Returning for the third year, V103 hosted its Summer Block Party at the Huntington Bank Pavilion. This year’s block party was headlined by three-time Grammy award-winner singer Jill Scott. The R&B and soul legend was joined by Kelly Rowland, Nelly, Bell Biv Devoe and SWV.

Sisters With Voices, better known as SWV, started the show strong with their New York R&B style. The trio; Coko, Taj and Lelee started the show in the best way possible by taking us back with performing of hits like “I’m so into You” and “You’re the One”.

The very thankful Nelly showed his love and support to the V103 fans often with performances from the start of career like “Country Grammar” and “Nellyville”. Along with his support from his brother City Spud, Nelly made his set a personal one.

Kelly Rowland joined Nelly to perform their collaborative records “Dilemma” and “Gone”. Rowland even took the V103 Summer Block Party crowd back to her Destiny Child day’s with short lived performance from “Say My Name”, “Soldier” and “Cater 2 U”.

Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe all branched off of New Edition back in the late 80’s. As Bell Biv DeVoe the trio are responsible since then for some of the best records in hip-hop/R&B history. At the V103 Summer Block Party fans experienced and witnessed this live with performances of “Poison”, “I’m Betaa” and to the newly released “Run”.

The V103 Summer Block Party ended the night in the most incredible way possible. The unique and one of a kind, soul, jazz and R&B queen Jill Scott finished off the night.

Check out our photos from last night’s performance below.

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Florida Georgia Line Recruits the Backstreet Boys & Nelly for their “Smooth Tour 2017”


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Easily the most diverse stadium tour of the summer, country music stars Florida Georgia Line have recruited a few big names to their Smooth Tour 2017. Joining FGL on their forthcoming tour will be rapper Nelly and boy band legends, the Backstreet Boys, as well as country’s emerging star, Chris Lane.

Currently the stellar lineup is scheduled to make three stops throughout the United States. First making an appearance at Fenway Park in Boston on July 7th, next at Target Field in Minneapolis on July 29th, and last but not least, the historic Wrigley Field in Chicago on August 12th.

Fans can visit Florida Georgia Line’s official website for more information, tickets and additional tour dates. So if FGL and their huge lineup of supporting acts are coming to a city near you, make sure to not miss out.

Summerfest Day 4 in Photos: Nelly, Rachel Platten, Moon Taxi & More


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Yesterday marked the fourth night of Summerfest‘s 49th Anniversary celebration. Unlike many other premiere music festivals, Milwaukee’s lakeside festival, Summerfest, brings an especially diverse list of performers to Wisconsin every year. Tonight the World’s Largest Music Festival had some huge names including Nelly, Rachel Platten, Moon Taxi, Billy Idol, Hippo Campus, Blue Oyster Cult and many more.

Check out our Summerfest Day 4 photos below and peep our Day 3 Summerfest photos here!

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Throwback Thursday Review: Country Grammar | Nelly

Country Grammar

After only recently realizing that ‘The Fix’ was made by Nelly and feeling personally weird about not knowing that after having heard the song multiple times, I felt I had to review some classic Nelly. So here I am, in front of my computer jamming out to Country Grammar. About five songs in and I forgot how great this album is, was and forever will be. Opening with a hilarious skit where Cedric The Entertainer asks Nelly to contact him via multiple pagers, what follows is equally as playful and unique while still being typical.

The second track ‘St. Louie’ is a bouncy tune filled with plucked bass strings and liquid flow from our rapper. He often adds some southern flavor on the ends of his words to synchronize with the twang of the guitar. He essentially describes the broad spectrum of people you would run into in Missouri at the turn of the century. It’s playful, it’s fun and it isn’t as corny as it should be. He really moves into his naturalistic lane on ‘Greed Hate Envy’. Filled with “wooos” and simplistic rhyme schemes that sound more layered than they are thanks to his buttery-smooth delivery. The pitch is noticeably higher and he sounds more involved — to his advantage. It is damn near impossible to rap-a-long to the chorus that couple almost flawlessly with the beat.

Then Nelly continues his string of bouncy instrumentals coupled with equally buoyant rhymes. The silky rhyme scheme on ‘Country Grammar’ is only overtaken by its elementary chorus that we’ve all repeated at least a dozen times. Everytime this song comes on, it’s a party. He relishes in the riches and stereotypes of having money and being a rapper, but it has rarely sounded this great. The instrumentals continue down their pop-rooted trail while Nelly consistently intrigues with his unique vocals and delivery. Even when he’s doing something as trivial as spelling out his city and states it manages to earn its place in the song.

I don’t know many artists better than Nelly boasting an appeal that pulls in listeners from all backgrounds and lifestyles and bring them to the dance-floor. It is completely evident on ‘Ride Wit Me’. This track stands on its own forever. As Nelly peruses riding down an interstate and enjoying nothing but your friends, the car and the pavement it takes you as a listener to a time with your friends living this song out on whatever scale (like without all the money). His appeal is his ability to make doing, really anything, sound fun. Now, given that endearment, it comes with also having upbeat, usually poppy instrumentals. This is where too much Nelly can start to be a bad thing. His flow is often restricted to the same style you heard one, two and three tracks before. Listening through his albums, songs start to meld together.

This isn’t a terrible curse in the way that some artists always sound the same, but rather he just stuck with something that worked for possibly too long of a time. Listening through each song, you’ll be bobbing your head and shouting along with choruses at obnoxious levels but when it’s all over you don’t particularly remember listening to the album. Instead, you remember what you were doing while listening to it. Nelly will always hold a special place in my heart, but I’ll go right ahead and say that he is best when enjoyed with friends.