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John Stamos Joins The Beach Boys for Special Performance at the Ravinia Festival


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Music fans in Highland Park, IL were in for a special treat last night as The Beach Boys’ already amazing tour with The Righteous Brothers got that much better with the addition of special guest, actor John Stamos, for their Ravinia Festival performance.

Kicking things off for the night were The Righteous Brothers, now led by founding member Bill Medley and singer Bucky Heard. With their hour-long set, Medley showed off his sense of humor throughout the set, while performing some of The Righteous Brothers’ biggest hits.

The highlight of the opening set though came as Medley performed his hit collaboration from “Dirty Dancing”, joined by his lovely daughter for the entertaining duet. Unfortunately though, due to her back issues Medley said, she couldn’t bear her father’s weight to replicate the iconic lift. The jokes and hits did not stop there.

After Heard and Medley stepped off stage and a brief set change, it was time for The Beach Boys to take stage. Instantly John Stamos joined Mike Love and company on stage, strutting from stage left to stage right on the guitar. Soon after Stamos would take more of a backup roll, showing off his skills on the drums.

Already one of the best lineups of the Ravinia’s 2018 season, The Beach Boys added Stamos to their show just weeks ago, with many fans not realizing the addition until the show began.

While the Full House star was certainly the cherry on top, the highlights of the night came as The Beach Boys blew fans away with their deep catalog of his. From “Surfin’ U.S.A.” to “Kokomo”, last night wasn’t beach friend as a misty overcast hovered over the venue, but it was still fun under the sun with The Beach Boys crew. Last night was evidence of the band’s legendary status.

Check out our photos from last night’s performance below and peep the remaining events at the Ravinia Festival’s official website.

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Album Review: Forever | Jesse and the Rippers

Jesse and the Rippers - "Forever"

Today marks the re-release of arguably the greatest album of all time, Jesse and the Ripper’s debut LP Forever, originally released via Fat Fish Records over two decades ago. Originally under-appreciated and misunderstood upon its release (it only reached the number one spot abroad in Japan), the Bay Area natives changed music for the rest of time forever with this project. Lead by San Francisco native Jesse Katsopolis, Jesse and the Rippers today top the discussion of the greatest rock group of all time, perhaps only in the conversation with the likes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. So when soft rock fans everywhere learned that Jay-Z’s new streaming service TIDAL would exclusively host the re-release of Forever, and in lossless FLAC CD quality, Jay-Z and listeners everywhere benefited as fans rushed to subscribe to the new Spotify competitor. And with three brand new tracks and a stellar re-mastering, Jesse’s Forever has a second chance to get the acclaimed reviews that it deserves.

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