Lana Del Rey Pays Tribute to Family Legacy in New Single “The Grants”


Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has been teasing fans with her upcoming album, “Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd,” and so far, she’s been delivering on her promises. She has already released two tracks, the title track, and “A&W,” which has been receiving critical acclaim, topping many best songs of the week lists. And now, she’s back with another single, “The Grants,” the opening track of her upcoming album, which pays tribute to her family name.

Co-written with Mike Hermosa, “The Grants” features backing vocals from Melodye Perry, Pattie Howard, and Shikena Jones. Fans have been eagerly anticipating this release, and it does not disappoint. The song is an ode to her family and their legacy, and Lana’s gorgeous vocals perfectly capture the emotion behind the lyrics.

Lana Del Rey has always been known for her moody, introspective music, and “The Grants” is no exception. The song is a beautiful tribute to her family, and fans are sure to be moved. With just a few more days until the album’s release (March 24th), fans are eagerly anticipating what other gems Lana has in store for them.

Listen to “The Grants” below and prepare to be transported into Lana Del Rey’s world of introspection and emotion.


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