Photos: Conan Gray sells out The Rave’s Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee

Conan Gray proved he is on a path to stardom with his headlining performance, selling out one of Milwaukee’s largest venues.

Conan Gray brings his 2022 world tour to the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee on March 30, 2022 (Photo by Dan Garcia).


Pop music’s Conan Gray is on a fast track to stardom. Since the release of his 2020 debut, Kid Krow, Gray’s following has increased exponentially. Last night’s performance, which was initially scheduled for one of the smaller rooms in the venue was quickly upgraded to The Rave’s Eagles Ballroom, one of the biggest venues in Milwaukee. Not only was the show upgraded to a larger room, but last night’s show was for a sell-out crowd of Gray’s most loyal fans.

And from the moment the Texas native stepped on staged, performing his upbeat track “Wish You Were Sober”, it was obvious why the show was a sell-out, even on a weekday night. Fans sang every word, from the hits like “Maniac” and “Heather” to the B-sides from Kid Krow like , which are great tracks in their own right. Unless it was a dad or boyfriend in attendance as a chaperone, no one at Wednesday night’s performance was a casual Conan Gray fan. However, even many of the +1s in the crowd left as big fans thanks to Gray’s infectious personality and stage presence.

Although Gray was performing slightly under the weather and with some production limitations due to the size of the stage, none of the above mattered and would not have been noticeable without Gray sharing things with his fans between songs. Highlights of the night included the set’s encore performances of “Heather” and “Maniac”, the slowed down moments with “Astronomy” and “The Story” and even when Conan helped a fan ask her date to prom.

Conan Gray’s success was inevitable and he’s the epitome of a born star. He’s bigger today than he was when the tour began a month ago and when he returns to Milwaukee, last night’s huge sell-out performance will seem intimate in comparison.

Fans can visit Conan Gray’s official website for tickets to the remaining dates of his headlining tour. The Conan Gray World Tour 2022 resumes tonight at The Armory in Minneapolis.

Check out our favorite photos from Conan Gray’s Milwaukee performance below.


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