5 Songs We Need to Hear at Kacey Musgraves’ Star-Crossed: Unveiled Tour

From “High Horse” to “Justified”, there are several songs we hope make the setlist for Kacey Musgraves’ biggest headlining tour to date.

Kacey Musgraves performing at Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN on June 15, 2019 (Photo by Dan Garcia).


One of 2022’s most anticipated tour kicks off tomorrow night in St. Paul, MN, as Kacey Musgraves is bringing her “Star-Crossed: Unveiled” Tour to an arena near you.

Making stops in Chicago, Nashville, New York, Denver, Dallas, Oakland and many more, the Grammy-winning country and pop star is touring in support of her newest LP, star-crossed. Ticket prices vary by city but start as low as $16.00, and if you want to be up close to the action you can find general admission floor tickets for under $100.

This tour marks the first opportunity fans have to hear live versions of Musgraves’ new critically acclaimed album, but of course fans can’t wait to hear all of her hits from the past decade. Needless to say there are many tracks we hope make the setlist come tomorrow night and throughout the entire tour.

Check out the 5 songs we need to hear on Kacey Musgraves’ upcoming Star-Crossed: Unveiled Tour and get your tickets for a city near you at Kacey Musgraves’ official website:

5. Follow Your Arrow

From her 2013 debut album, Same Trailer Different Park, “Follow Your Arrow” goes against the grain of stereotypical country music with an LGBTQ friendly message and blends positivity with a catchy chorus. The track was named one of Rolling Stone‘s Best Country Songs of the Decade and although it’s almost almost a decade old, it’s a classic that we hope to hear on her new tour.

4. star-crossed

Star-crossed is the title track from Spacey Kacey’s latest album, as well as one of the stand-out tracks from the entire project. Inspired by her divorce to singer Ruston Kelly, star-crossed paints the picture of two lovers who failed to save their relationship. Given that the track shares a name with the album and tour, you can expect it to make the cut on the setlist.

3. High Horse

Although it’s a little “Kacey Musgraves 101”, it’s hard to pick a better song for Musgraves to perform live for an arena full of her biggest fans. The super catchy country-pop crossover single is Musgraves’ from Golden Hour, which only won the Grammy’s award for Best Album in 2019, among several other accolades. If there is one song that you can expect Kacey to perform from previous albums, it’s this one.

2. Easy

In 2020, Troye Sivan and Kacey Musgraves blessed their fan bases with their Mark Ronson produced track, “Easy”, as well as a short film music video to go along with the amazing track. While we aren’t sure how a solo performance of the song would work, we have faith in Kacey to make it happen.

1. justified

Last and certainly not least, we can’t wait for a live performance of the beautiful star-crossed single, justified. Musgraves blew us away with her live performance of the track, as the musical guest for Saturday Night Live, so we can’t wait to see how she builds on her performance in front of packed arenas.

Don’t forget to pick up your tickets for the Star-Crossed: Unveiled Tour at KaceyMusgraves.com/tour.


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