Photos: Father John Misty Blesses the Stage at Milwaukee’s Pabst Theater


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

In support of his new critically acclaimed album, God’s Favorite Customer, American singer/songwriter Josh Tillman (known to many as Father John Misty) brought his headlining 2018 tour to Milwaukee’s beautiful Pabst Theater.

Performing for a sold out crowd, Father John Misty was all music and little talk on Thursday night, singing a number of cuts from his latest LP, as well as his Grammy nominated 2017 album, Pure Comedy and more. Originally recording under his J. Tillman moniker, the Maryland native has consistently released albums for the past 15-years (four as FJM), so Tillman had plenty of songs to choose from for his roughly 20-track set.

Following a opening performance from his Sub Pop labelmate, King Tuff, it was soon time for Father John Misty to step on stage for the packed general admission crowd.

And despite touring in support of God’s Favorite Customer, Father John kicked off Thursday night’s set with his 2012 song, ‘Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sing’, from his first Father John Misty LP, Fear Fun. But his Milwaukee fans didn’t fear fun last evening, because despite Tillman’s often cynical and sarcastic demeanor, the entire theater was set to enjoy a memorable night.

Lucky for the crowd, Tillman delivered. Not only did Misty perform the majority of his new album, but he also performed the majority of singles and fan favorites from Pure Comedy. From start to finish, the crowd was in awe watching FJM perform. Despite having a complicated and cynical relationship (if you can even call it that) with religion, Tillman has a god-like presence on stage.

While tackling topics like religion and politics through his songs, what’s most interesting about Tillman’s take is his especially unique perspective on music and the above topics. Growing up in an Evangelical Christian household, Tillman was not allowed to listen to secular music until he was 17. This very religious and sheltered upbringing shaped Tillman and his music, and as an artist he is perhaps better for it.

Stand out performances from Thursday include ‘Ballad of a Dying Man’, ‘Mr. Tillman’, ‘Pure Comedy’ and his closing performance with ‘I Love You, Honeybear’, but highlights from the evening certainly were not few and far between.

Fans came to have a good night and Mr. Tillman made it happen.

Check out our photos from last night’s sold out performance below and get your tickets for the remaining date of Father John Misty’s tour here.

Photos by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

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