Donald Glover Announces That His Current Tour is His Last Childish Gambino Tour


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

If you have tickets for Childish Gambino’s current This Is America Tour then you’re in for an amazing night, however it may likely be your last night seeing the critically acclaimed rapper live in concert.

At the rapper’s opening and hometown show at the Infinite Energy Arena in Atlanta last night, Gambino (Donald Glover) told the crowd “If you’re at this show, then you know this is the last Gambino tour ever.” Does this mean that Donald Glover will continue to tour in the future, after he retires his Childish Gambino moniker? Only time will tell, but we certainly hope so.

Childish Gambino has been grinding for years. Although he had a great core fan base from the beginning, the world is finally starting to realize how talented Childish Gambino is on a wide scale. It’s bitter-sweet to see him end things in such a way. Donald Glover isn’t going anywhere, but Childish Gambino will certainly be missed.

Watch Childish Gambino’s new music video for ‘Feels Like Summer’ below.


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