Charlie Puth Brings the Voicenotes Tour with Hailee Steinfeld to Chicago


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

In support of his sophomore studio album of the same name, Charlie Puth brought his headlining Voicenotes Tour to the Chicago’s lakeside Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island. With an opening set from the diversely talented, Hailee Steinfeld, Puth kept the packed crowd singing and dancing throughout the night.

Up first, Hailee Steinfeld kicked off her performance with her debut 2015 single, ‘Love Myself’. The empowering track perfectly represents Steinfeld’s growing catalog, making her a big role in the new wave of female artists in modern pop music. With songs like ‘Love Myself’ and ‘Most Girls’, Steinfeld delivers a catchy pop sound with a message her audience is happy to get behind.

And if you love her music, than you may love her acting as well, as Steinfeld is perhaps even more accomplished through her acting than she is with her impressive and growing career in music. Steinfeld announced her love for Chicago last night, and we can definitely expect her to return in the near future.

With the stage set, it was time for the man of the night to take stage. Setting the tone with Michael Jackson’s ‘PYT’, Puth opened his set with his new album’s opening track, ‘The Way I Am’. And throughout the night, the singer/songwriter showed us the way he is from start to finish, putting his quirky personality and infectious smile on display.

A self-proclaimed nerd, Charlie Puth will be the first to tell you how unlikely his rise to pop stardom is, but pop music couldn’t be luckier to have him. While your average pop star rises to the top of the charts through the help of a talented team of writers, Puth is a rare breed, writing his own music which makes his tracks especially personal.

Puth continued on with his set with tracks like ‘Marvin Gaye’, ‘How Long’, his new track ‘Empty Cups’ and ‘LA Girls’, a record which certainly made the Chicago girls jealous. After reading a couple suggestive fan signs in the audience, with some of Puth’s older fans wishing that Charlie would replace the City of Angels with the Windy City, Puth performed his 2018 track.

Charlie told stories about tracks between performances and even showed off his skills on the key-tar. Then to end things off on a strong (voice)note, Puth finished his set with his singles ‘One Call Away’, ‘Attention’ and his Voicenotes track ‘Boy’, an ode for some of the older women in the audience.

From head to toe, Charlie Puth is one of the biggest multi-dimensional artists in pop music today. His writing is second to none, and his skills on piano are as impressive as his voice. If the Voicenotes Tour hasn’t already rolled through your local market, be sure to get your tickets for one of the remaining shows at Charlie Puth’s official website.

Check out our photos from last night’s concert below.

Photos by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Charlie Puth

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Hailee Steinfeld

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