Viral Sensation Froggy Fresh Performs at Reggie’s in Chicago


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

The rapper formerly known as “Krispy Kreme”, aka the one and only Froggy Fresh, invaded Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago last night for his headlining tour across the country. Known first for his viral music video ‘The Baddest’, which amassed millions of views upon its release, Froggy Fresh has kept his hustle and continued to create some Grade A content through the years.

With Money Maker Mike by his side, the rapper’s trusty sidekick who single handedly made Mac Miller’s merch cool, Froggy Fresh delivered an entertaining performance for a packed crowd of his Windy City fans. Although neither are from Chicago, the duo famously repped the hometown Chicago Bulls in their hit ‘Dunked On’, so it was only right that Chicago embraced the pair at Reggie’s Saturday night.

Last night’s setlist consisted of all the fan favorites, from Froggy’s “Krispy Kreme” days with ‘The Baddest’ and ‘Haters Wanna Be Me’, to his more recent tracks (which feature some of the best story telling in rap) like ‘Dunked On’ and his ‘Stolen Bikes’ series. Froggy Fresh even made the live debut of his new track ‘Prank Call’.

Froggy’s tracks and videos are remarkably fun and addictive, leaving fans left to wonder whether Froggy Fresh is a joker or a genius. The truth is likely a little bit of both.

Froggy Fresh has co-signs from everyone, from John Cena to Mac Miller, and of course his dedicated fans who filled the venue last night while asking “Why Is James crying?” Do yourself a favor and see Froggy Fresh in 2018 to find the answer to that question, at one of his many tour dates across the U.S.

Check our our photos from Froggy Fresh’s Chicago visit below!

Photos by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Froggy Fresh & Money Maker Mike

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