Watch as Joe Budden and the Migos Almost Fight at the BET Awards


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Things got very uncomfortable at the BET Awards when the Migos paid a visit to Complex News‘ “Everyday Struggle” cast yesterday.

After Joe Budden interrupted his co-host, DJ Akademiks, to say that they needed to wrap up the interview,  the ‘Pump It Up’ rapper was apparently fed up with Akademiks giving praise to the Migos, who called the ATL trio, “one of (his) favorite groups.”

At that point, the one-hit-wonder shook his head, got up and left. To no surprise, Migos didn’t take kindly to the disrespect and got up to confront Joe Budden. As tensions began to rise, things were eventually broken up. This is already the second time this month that the Everyday Struggle cast struggled to keep their guests cool. Days ago, Vic Mensa and DJ Akademiks had a heated discussion over Akademik’s disrespect to Chicago and the city’s violence.

Watch things get tense between Joe Budden and the Migos below.


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