Azealia Banks Gives Praise to Kanye West on Instagram


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Despite saying that Kanye West, “lost all credibility when he became a Kardashian”, Azealia Banks took to Instagram on Sunday to apologize and give praise to Mr. West. In her message to Kanye, Banks wrote “despite whatever jokes or rude things I’ve said about (Kanye) in the past, I think about this man for AT LEAST an hour EVERY SINGLE DAY.”

Banks continued to say, “you’ve inspired so many of us and after getting past my own stupid ass grudge I was holding against you, I reaaaallllly hope and pray you get to get out all of your dreams because you’ve been one of, if not, the main reason I felt confident in exploring all sorts of music genres.” Showing a lot of humility in her words, Banks’ tribute is a huge departure from telling Kanye “I don’t even look up to (Kanye) anymore. I look past him,” just last year.

Read what Azealia Banks had to say about Kanye West below.


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