Lil Wayne & Cyhi The Prynce Perform at The Orpheum Theatre in Madison, WI


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Last night Lil Wayne brought his Kloser 2 U Tour with GOOD Music’s Cyhi The Prynce to a packed house at the Orpheum Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin. While the night had its highs and lows, the night certainly got off to an amazing start with Cyhi’s supporting performance, but Lil Wayne’s shortened set (although great while it lasted) left his college fans wanting more.

Up first for the night was Kanye West’s GOOD Music artist and writer, the Grammy-nominated Cyhi The Prynce. The Stone Mountain native instantly got the crowd energized, showcasing his untouchable lyrics and amazing wordplay. Cyhi opened his set with some of his tracks like ‘No Dope’ and ‘Legend’, but it was his melody of GOOD Music features (mostly from the label’s Cruel Summer LP) that got the night started on a high note.

Fans rapped along as Cyhi spit his memorable verses from ‘So Appalled’ and ‘Sin City’, before Cyhi closed his set with 2017 single, ‘Nu Africa’. While Cyhi The Prynce came into the scene with his show-stealing guest verses, it’s his new solo records that will help him rise in the ranks of rap. Cyhi The Prynce definitely picked up some new fans in Madison tonight.

After a brief intermission, as crew set up for the night’s headlining performance, it was time for Lil Wayne to hit the stage. As Weezy emerged in his custom Brett Favre jersey, the Young Money MC could have started his set off in a better way. The Packer fans throughout the crowd screamed, as Wayne performed hit track after hit track.

Lil Wayne’s performance began to lose momentum though as he brought a number of guest performers onto the stage. While many of Wayne’s Young Money rappers were pleasant surprises, fans would soon learn that these emerging artists were taking time from Wayne’s set. After Lil Wayne dedicated about 15 minutes of his performance to guest performers, the rap legend only performed a few more songs before saying his goodbyes. Wayne’s performance was memorable and energetic while it lasted; however it only lasted for about 40 minutes. When it was clear that Wayne would not return for an encore, some (of the more drunk) fans began to throw their drinks at the falling curtain.

Twice during his performance Lil Wayne detailed three things to the crowd. 1. We all are nothing without the man upstairs. 2. Wayne is nothing without his fans. And 3. (again) he is nothing without his fans. However many of his fans last night were left scratching their heads, wondering if number 2 and 3 are nothing more than lip service after the short headlining performance.

Check out our photos of Cyhi The Prynce’s performance below, and be sure to get your tickets to one of the remaining dates of the Kloser 2 U Tour here.

Photos by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Cyhi The Prynce

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 Lil Wayne

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No Dope
Cold As Ice
GOOD Music Compliation
Sin City
So Appalled
Far Removed
Cydel Young
Nu Africa


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