Harry Styles Shares Debut Single, “Sign of the Times”, Ahead of Saturday Night Live Performance


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Ahead of his performance on Saturday Night Live, Harry Styles has shared his debut single, ‘Sign of the Times’. Totally different from his music with One Direction, Styles’ debut track has a Bowie vibe and a folk sound that differs from the pop music he is used to making.

Although Zayn received a lot of backlash from fans and his former band mates for going solo to pursue music that is more true to himself, it is interesting to see how the solo music from each band member thus far differs from the group’s music of the past.

We are certainly digging the new track! And if you like what you hear, Styles will perform ‘Sign of the Times’ and another new track, April 15th on Saturday Night Live.

Listen to Harry Styles’ debut single, ‘Sign of the Times’ below.


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