J. Cole Drops 2 New Tracks, “False Prophets” & “One Day Everybody Gotta Die”, Ahead of Upcoming Album Release


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

And just like that J. Cole is at the top of the rap game again. Similar to the release of his last LP, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, J. Cole surprised us all with a last minute announcement of a new album. Currently scheduled for a December 9th release, 4 Your Eyez Only will be Cole’s next studio album and it’s already causing controversy.

Ahead of next week’s release, J. Cole dropped two of the albums records hours ago, ‘False Prophets’ and ‘One Day Everybody Gotta Die’, with the first making a lot of headlines. In ‘False Prophets’, J. Cole not so subtly drops a subliminal track aimed at Kanye West, dubbing Kanye as a “false prophet”. Although Cole sends a lot of well wishes and compliments Kanye’s way, he definitely sends a number of disses to The College Dropout as well.

“…these n*ggas don’t even write they sh*t. Hear some new style bubblin’ up, then they bite the shit.”

“And playin’ his old shit, knownin’ he won’t top it, false prophets.”

And while it might not gain the immediate attention of ‘False Prophets’, Cole also dropped his new track ‘One Day Everybody Gotta Die’, which might be your favorite of the two, especially for the big Kanye fans out there. One thing is for sure, J. Cole has never been shy to stand up to Kanye West. Whether its through a tough love diss record, or putting out his album on the same day as Kanye’s, Cole fears no one, not even Kanye West.

Listen to ‘False Prophets (Be Like This)’ and ‘One Day Everybody Gotta Die’ below.



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