Is a Legendary Nardwuar Interview with Kanye West On The Way?


Photo by Dan Garcia/ The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/ The Early Registration

We have said it before, no one is better at what they do than “Nardwuar the Human Serviette”. His interviews are not only informative and entertaining, but he will bring out information in an artist that even their closest friends and relatives don’t know. His research is top notch, and with every classic Nardwuar interview comes a new artist who is blown away by the Canadian native’s skills. Everyone from Drake to Pharrell and more have been left more than impressed.

And for sometime, Nardwuar and Kanye West fans alike have prayed that the two would one day meet for an exclusive interview. The type of information and gifts that Nardwuar could pull out for Kanye are almost unimaginable. And that day may finally come, as a recent post by Kanye West’s producer and engineer Mike Dean, seems to suggest that Nardwuar and Kanye met today (or are meeting today) during Kanye’s Vancouver stop on the Saint Pablo Tour (where Nardwuar is from).

While Dean doesn’t directly confirm that an interview took place, or is taking place, he posted a photo with Nardwuar on Instagram minutes ago, backstage at the Rogers Arena. This seems to suggest that the interview we have all been waiting for has finally took place!

Stay tuned and check out the evidence below.


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