Photos: Jon Bellion Brings The Human Condition Tour to Milwaukee


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Last night one of rap’s most talented brought his headlining tour to The Rave in Milwaukee, WI. And while everyone in attendance came into the night knowing that artist Jon Bellion is equally talented at rapping, singing, producing and songwriting, those who saw him live for the first time on Friday night now know that the emerging artist can perform his ass off as well. Throughout the night, as the sold out crowd weathered the summer heat in the packed venue with Rave staff passing out water bottles and spraying fans with water guns, Bellion showcased everything that makes him one of the most diverse emerging acts in rap music today. Whether he was remaking his beats live for the crowd, singing at his mic stand, or rapping as he jumped from stage left to stage right, Bellion gave his all last night.

Bellion didn’t travel alone either, as he brought Alec Benjamin, Blaque Keyz and an entertaining opening performance from Son Real to get the night off on a great note. Of course though it was Bellion who stole the show. Performing some of his fan favorites, like ‘All Time Low’, ‘Jim Morrison’ and a number of records from his most recent LP, even with a memorable encore and a nearly 90-minute set, the crowd was still left wanting more.

The highlight of the night though had nothing to do with his records however, as early into his set, Jon Bellion stopped the music for a moment of silence and to have his crowd send positive energy to fans who were unable to attend the night’s performance because they were involved in a car accident. This moment, combined with the fact that Bellion sold out the venue despite not yet having a catalog of huge hits and still being an emerging artist, shows that Bellion has a special relationship with his fans that most artists just can’t match. Even if you weren’t his biggest fan, you could certainly feel that energy in the crowd last night, as Bellion put on a memorable show for Milwaukee.

Check out our photos from Jon Bellion’s Milwaukee performance below and check out the remaining dates of The Human Condition Tour at his official website.

Photos by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion

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Son Real

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He Is The Same
All Time Low
Run Wild
Maybe IDK
Weight of the World
NY Soul
Hand of God

Jim Morrison (Encore)


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