D.R.A.M. Recruits Lil Yachty for New “Broccoli” Music Video


Courtesy of Billboard

Perhaps known best for his hit track ‘Cha Cha’, which famously influenced Drake’s mega-single ‘Hotline Bling’, rapper Big Baby D.R.A.M. (or simply “D.R.A.M.”) has released his newest music video, for his recent single ‘Broccoli’. Also featured on the track, rapper Lil Yachty joins D.R.A.M. for the track’s Nathan R. Smith and Hidji Films directed visuals.

Speaking on the record, D.R.A.M. explains that the feeling of ‘Broccoli’ is “almost identical (to ‘Cha Cha’), being that the record came out of thin air, and the timing was what it was supposed to be, and it taps into the culture just like ‘Cha Cha’.” As “Cha Cha 2.0”, as D.R.A.M. calls it, continues to climb up the charts, expect it to only gain more momentum with the release of the fun music video.

Watch the official music video for ‘Broccoli’ below.

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