Grammy Producer Says Taylor Swift Had an Advance Copy of Kanye West’s “Famous” Track


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Don’t be so quick to pick sides. Although Kanye West got a ton of bad press over his song ‘Famous’, where he makes a joke about having sex with Taylor Swift for making that “b*tch famous”, there may be more to the story than many Kanye West haters would like to believe. Initially upon Kanye’s release of his The Life of Pablo album, many Kanye and Taylor fans alike were upset that Kanye would again come after Taylor. But soon after its release, TMZ reported that Kanye West called Taylor many weeks earlier to get her approval. However a rep for Swift soon rebutted those reports, saying Taylor did not give her approval and wasn’t made aware of the actually lyric.

And if Taylor didn’t actually give her approval, and didn’t know the actual lyric, then maybe Kanye should have left it out… But now, according to the Grammy Award‘s producer, Ken Ehrlich, Taylor Swift not only knew of the lyric, she even had an advance copy of the track.

“She had an advance of the track (a couple weeks ago),” Ehrlich told Entertainment Tonight.

And instead of clearing things up, with the whole world watching at the Grammys, Swift sent some strongly worded subliminals at Kanye, warning female artists that there will be people (like Kanye) who will try to take credit for your success and your fame. Assuming she did hear the track and didn’t voice her disapproval, it looks like Kanye West isn’t the one (this time) refusing to take the high road, especially since Kanye did not have to get Taylor’s greenlight to begin with.

If you had to give someone a heads up or get their permission to include them into your music, Taylor Swift of all people wouldn’t be as successful as she is today. Don’t worry Taylor, we aren’t saying John Mayer disses are the reason for your fame either, if anything is, it’s the sheer talent!

Watch the video clip of Grammy producer Ken Ehrlich below.



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