Watch Ed Sheeran Give Private $2 “Peep Shows” in Australia


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

What if you could pay $2 dollars to get a private 30-second performance from Ed Sheeran, would you? Of course, right!? Apparently it’s not so obvious though, as fans in Melbourne, Australia were given the opportunity for a “Ed Sheeran peep show”. It’s not as dirty as it sounds, though. Instead of stripping down, Ed stripped down in a different way with Australian comedians Hamish & Andy, playing in a small room with just his guitar for the brave souls who decided to make the best investment they ever could.

After a couple hours, finally a curious couple decided to take the risk. In return they got to hear Ed Sheeran’s Grammy nominated song of the year, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ front and center. Watch Ed Sheeran’s $2 peep shows below!


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