Concert Review: Alex Metric Supports Zedd and Dillion Francis in Chicago


Photo by Allie Foraker

Last night, Alex Metric performed for thousands at the UIC Pavillion in Chicago, IL, while the British DJ/producer supported EDM superstars Zedd and Dillon Francis (and surprise guest Martin Garrix) on their huge North American tour. Starting the party right and kicking off everyone’s Halloween weekend, Metric got everyone on their feet, whether they were an established fan of the legendary London-based producer for years or whether they just became a fan last night.

Chicago was one of the first cities to get to experience Metric’s brand new EP live. The fourth piece of his Ammunition series, Ammunition Pt. 4 is a collective of five huge new records that were designed to get the whole world moving. Whether it’s a house party down the road at the University of Illinois-Chicago or the UIC Pavilion last night, Ammunition Pt. 4  is what every bass head needs in their life right now.

As the crowd (made primarily of UIC students) filled in to find their seats, and you can bet that not one seat was actually sat on throughout the night, everyone was feeling the music to Metric’s blend of Ammunition Pt. 4 and some of his earlier mixes. Metric’s appearance was modest and simple, looking like a laid back everyday guy in his black t-shirt, but his music was far from average.

His music was impossible not to dance to, as his show was dedicated to constant movement of light, sound, and the audience. Metric isn’t just a shadow spinning beats. The arena also played complement to the performance. The music was louder than you could imagine and you could feel the bass vibrating throughout the arena and into your bones in the best way possible, especially during Metric’s own remix of ‘Lean On’, perhaps the highlight of his set.

Whether the crowd was being mesmerized by the trippy visuals in the backdrop, or whether they were swaying their hands in unison side-to-side like waves from Lake Michigan, Metric was like a club’s best bartender, in that his sole job was to keep the party going. And with such being the case, Alex Metric is due for a promotion because the party got off to a great start and made the jobs for Zedd and Dillion Francis that much easier.

Check out Metric’s new EP here, and check out even more music at his official Soundcloud.

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