Concert Review: Eliot Sumner Performs at Lincoln Hall in Chicago with On An On


Courtesy of Getty Images

Last night, English new wave singer-songwriter Eliot Sumner performed at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall with Minnesota indie rock band, On An On. Performing a number of records from her 2014 Information EP, the Burberry Model turned indie rock singer gave an intimate performance for the Windy City crowd. Perhaps most known for her family tree, as she is the daughter of legendary rocker Sting (of The Police) and actress Trudie Styler, Sumner is currently making a name for herself aside from the shadows from her kin.

Opening her performance, Sumner greeted the crowd with a performance of her track ‘Dead Arms & Dead Legs’, the first taste of new music that her fans received in 2015. Throughout her 9-song setlist, Sumner was stern-faced and focused, but letting a sly smile sneak out at moments for her second to last stop on her current tour. Dressed in an oversized shirt and all black leggings (with all black shorts on top), Sumner keeps her emotion in check during her live performances, while still making sure everyone in the audience has a drink in hand and is enjoying their night.

After closing her set with a performance of ‘After Dark’, her second record from the new year, Sumner thanked On An On for having her, as well as the Chicago crowd. “You’ve been fucking awesome,” Sumner told the crowd before helping tear down her set, and even getting things ready for On An On. For a model/daughter to one of the biggest musicians in the world, Eliot Sumner is remarkably low maintenance and down-to-earth, but her voice and talented work on the bass guitar is what stole the show last night.

Check Eliot Sumner’s music video for ‘Dead Arms & Dead Legs’ and her setlist from last night below, and listen to more of her music on her official Soundcloud page.


Dead Arms & Dead Legs
I Followed you Home
Let Love Lie on your Life
After Dark
Halway to Hell
Come Friday
After Dark



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