Review: One Direction Delivers an Unforgettable Performance at Milwaukee’s Miller Park


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

One Direction’s huge stadium tour has been out-shadowed this past week by the news that the guys will soon be going on an extended hiatus come next March. While fans can only speculate whether a “hiatus” truly means a hiatus, or whether taking a break will lead to a total break up, fans in Milwaukee Tuesday night, got to put everything aside and just enjoy one hell of a show, even with it being 1D’s first show since confirming their hiatus. With parking lines spanning the length of a hundred semi-trucks and with lines to the door long enough to wrap around the entire stadium (and maybe to Wrigley Field), One Direction’s fans could not wait any longer until showtime. But until Harry, Liam, Niall and Louie hit the stage, the 1D dominated crowd was still treated to a great opening performance by ‘I Love It’ singers, Icona Pop. The Swedish electricpop duo performed about 10 songs, including ‘We Got The World’, ‘Clap Snap’ and ‘Then We Kiss’, until they left the stage asking Milwaukee just one question. “Are you ready for One Direction?” Even if the signs in the crowd were for the eyes of the headliners, with huge recognizable hits from Icona Pop, the duo gave a great set to warm up the crowd.

After the tour crew led a hiatus of their own, making fans anxious, but while also building anticipation and energy for the headlining act, the house lights went down around nine and One Direction hit the stage. If the screams were any louder it would be almost difficult to hear their opening music when the guys opened up with their 2014 track ‘Clouds’, off their LP Four (now ironically titled as the group dropped from 5 to 4 with Zayn Malik’s early departure). Jumping from new to old, the guys performed a diverse selection of their catalog (old and new, hit single and B-side), with a selection of songs from every one of their four studio albums. A personal favorite though, came as the guys performed their new single ‘Bring Me Down’, already a radio hit with its success largely led by a huge fan campaign supporting the record.

The night wasn’t just about the music though. All through the night One Direction took the time to take the moment in, reflecting on what it’s like performing at these stadiums throughout the world, appreciating the Milwaukee crowd, reading fan’s signs, wishing Happy Birthdays, and even putting on a Cheesehead, waving a Packer’s flag and leading the crowd in a huge moment of silence for Packers’ WR Jordy Nelson (who recently tore his ACL). If you couldn’t have guess, it was Harry Styles (a huge Packers fan) for the last one. “We hunt (Chicago) Bears here!” said Harry. Whether they were talking or singing, One Direction has some of the most dedicated fans in the world and those fans in Wisconsin certainly left the ballpark knowing that the long lines in the parking lot, the time waiting to get in through the gates, and everything else, was all worth it. Now it’s time to hope it wasn’t for their last time.


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