15 Pop Culture References That Rappers Are Sleeping On

11. Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

The Blackhawks are the biggest dynasty in sports right now, and such a level of eliteness in sports should be embraced by the rap world. Sure, hockey isn’t big in the rap community, but Patty Kane is a rock star and the Hawk’s jerseys are too dope.

“Hater stand back, you better get out my lane. I’m doing 90 down Lake Shore Drive, shout out to Patrick Kane”

12. Playtex Tampons

Yes, it isn’t to manly to rap about female hygienic products. Not one bit. However, rappers are all about their flow, and so are tampons. So a connection between the rap world and tampon is clearly inevitable if you ask us.

“Haters try to stop my flow… Playtex”

13. Tinder

Drake raps about Uber. Every rapper spits about thirst on Instgram. But why aren’t rappers rapping about swiping right on Tinder? Modern technology and getting laid, Tinder should be a rapper’s paradise. Your favorite rapper is probably on Tinder, unless they are too busy sliding in DMs, now they just need to rap about it too.

“I type right, to bitches on Tinder, who I swipe right”

14. Backroom Casting Couch

Don’t act like you don’t know what the Backroom Casting Couch is. We all do. That leather couch in an empty plain room is damn near iconic. So now we just need one rapper to have the courage to spits some bars about the casting couch, knowing that all guys will get the reference.

“Hit the Casino, then I’m cashing out. Gettin’ more ass than the Backroom Casting Couch”

15. Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Rappers from the South embrace Waffle House, but where are all the Midwest and Chicago rappers showing love to Potbelly? It is sooo good, and definitely too good to not throw a witty reference its way. It may not be high class cuisine and it isn’t from New York, but someone like Action Bronson needs to step up to the plate (no pun intended) and spit bars about Potbelly.

“Put my heater on you chickens, like the sandwich oven at Potbelly”

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