Songs of the Week ft. Meg Myers, Vic Mensa & J. Cole

Meg Myers – “Lemon Eyes”

Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Last month, when asked about a record that took her the longest to write, Meg Myers told us about her upcoming track ‘Lemon Eyes’. “‘Lemon Eyes’ took a pretty long time to finish, but that’s because we wrote an idea for it and then kind of pushed it aside,” Myers told us. “We would go back to it every now and then maybe mess with it, but it was a process. I think because it is a little bit out there and a little different from what I do, but every time we would approach it was just like ‘what (will) we do with this?’, but we figured it out!”

Well after a many months of writing, Meg’s track from her forthcoming album Sorry (which comes out this September) is finally here. And you can definitely tell that the many hours in the studio paid off on this one!

Listen to ‘Lemon Eyes above and read our interview with Meg here!


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