Father and his Awful Records Collective Releases 15 New Songs


Courtesy of The Fader

Another day, another series of blessings on my SoundCloud feed. This afternoon, while sifting through the soulful Kendrick Lamar demo of Kanye West’s “All Day”, and whatever Spooky Black is co-signing these days, I noticed there were new tracks being released by Abra, Micah Freeman and Father. A few clicks later, I realized that today is an unoffical holiday, but not 4/20. It’s #AwfulHoliday, and in celebration, Awful Records has released an album’s worth of songs for free, as well as a video and some more of that pure, unfiltered debauchery that Father’s followers just can’t get enough of. Aside from this, Father’s new track with KeithCharles SpaceBar features artwork that hasn’t caught my attention and made me this uncomfortable since when I first saw the deluxe cover of Tyler, the Creator’s XL album Goblin in 2011. Even though it’s just a close-up of an Instagram flick of a security cam.

Listen to the new songs and watch the video below.


Will Lampley is awful. Follow him on Twitter at @willcDPR.

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