Riff Raff Foe “Alien” Recruits Kanye West for New Album


Kanye West and Alien
Courtesy of ThisIsObviouslyAnAprilFoolsJoke.com

You may know him from his feud with Riff Raff, where Jody Highroller accused him of copying his style, you also may know him because many think he looks like a ghetto James Franco. But no matter how you were first introduced to Florida rapper Alien, he just scored a huge name for his upcoming album Hangin’ With Da Dopeboys, named after his lead single of the same name.

According to sources, Kanye West will executively produce Alien’s forthcoming LP. “Seth Rogen told me you have to check out this guy Alien,” said Kanye. “Ever since then, it was Bound 2 happen.” Kanye is also set to provide a couple verses to the album, now joining ‘Freaks and Geeks’ rapper Childish Gambino on the LP. While we don’t normally condone actors who try rapping, Gambino should still be a good fit. You can expect Alien’s highly anticipated project sometime this year, and if you’re headed down to Florida anytime soon, be sure to catch one his performances on your Spring Break.

Watch some behind the seen footage of Alien’s day-to-day life below!

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