5 Musician Doppelgangers That Need to Collaborate



There quite a few musicians who look like they be brothers or sisters, and even some that look practically identical. You pretty much can’t watch a Toro y Moi video on YouTube without seeing at least a few people make a Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) related joke in the comment section. So we wondered what it would be like if some of these doppelgangers got in the studio and actually made a song together. Check out our list of the five musician doppelgangers that need to work together, with some that could maybe happen one day and some which definitely aren’t as likely.

Chance the Rapper | Billy Dee Williams


Chance has collaborated with a vast array of artists, from Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber to Madonna and Andre 3000. And we definitely don’t question the man who made a hip-hop influenced cover of the Arthur theme song, on his ability to think outside the box musically. So what better than getting in the studio with Lando Calrissian himself, Billy Dee Williams? Although he is best known for his acting, BDW recorded a jazz LP in the 1960s and no rap collective today is more jazz influenced than Chance the Rapper and The Social Experiment.


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