The Top 10 Jhene Aiko Features


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Often times, features are the best way to get exposure as an up-and-coming artist, as there is the opportunity to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the industry. No one has utilized features better than Jhene Aiko, propelling her to the Grammys and becoming a go-to collaboration for rappers in just over a year’s time. She has been featured on so many songs in the last couple years that it isn’t even a question of if you have heard of Jhene; it’s a question of how many times. Taking a look back at some of her finest moments, we have rounded up a list of our ten favorite features from Jhene.

10. Ex Again – Eric Bellinger

This track is very straightforward on the subject of love. If you’re not in it completely, don’t be in it at all. It has some solid instances of wordplay on Bellinger’s part and also features an interesting rhythm from Aiko during her verse.

9. Post To Be – Omarion Ft. Chris Brown

With the combo of Omarion and Chris Brown on the song, you can take a pretty good guess at what the song is about and how it will sound. The DJ Mustard production certifies this song as a likely club jam. Aiko’s feature is surprisingly dirty and definitely sexy; from the way her voice sounds to the literal words she is saying.

8. Drunk Texting – Chris Brown

We all know what it feels like; going out, getting a little too inebriated for our own good and next thing we know, we are scrolling through our contacts in our phone and sending a bunch of messages that we know we are going to regret. But who has time to make good decisions anyway? This song layers Chris Brown and Aiko’s voices and depicts one of these all-too-common nights.

7. I Know – Big Sean 

You know by now that a Jhene Aiko and Big Sean Collaboration is a lethal combination. ‘I Know’ definitely strengthens this perception. Sean and Aiko trade off verses containing common relationship banter between a couple and how each can occasionally turn to alcohol, drugs or other people for relief.

6. July – Ft. Drake

Although the song is officially from Jhene Aiko’s debut project Sailing Soul(s); it features two hearty Drake verses that give off more of a “featuring Jhene Aiko” vibe. The seasons are used to assist in the understanding of how a relationship progresses, from getting to know one-another all the way to breaking up.



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