Is Drake Now Out of His Contract with Cash Money?


If you somehow didn’t hear, Drake just pulled a Beyonce and released a surprise album on iTunes. While Beyonce’s release was certainly game changing, Drake’s just might have a much more interesting back story. With this surprise release of Drake’s fourth studio album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, is Drizzy now out of his contract with Cash Money Records?

[UPDATE: Is Lil Wayne Pulling a Drake Tonight and Releasing a Surprise Album of His Own?”]

He just might be… According to court documents made public in a 2012 lawsuit, Drake’s record deal was for a four-album term. This would be pretty standard and a common length for Cash Money deals. In new court documents that surfaced after Lil Wayne’s lawsuit against Cash Money, it was confirmed that Lil Wayne re-signed with Cash Money in 2012 for a total of four solo albums. While Lil Wayne’s legal complaint didn’t include the details of the cited “2009 Drake Letter Agreement”, it did state that Young Money and Cash Money are to share a portion of the profits from Drake albums.

Thank Me LaterTake CareNothing Was the Same, and now his surprise release… that looks like four to us. If Drake’s deal is indeed for four albums, and this new release bumps Drake out of his contract, was it intentional? This also looks like it may be the case. Take the title, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, not really the most conventional album title and it certainly sounds like it’s directed towards someone. Is Birdman too late? Is it too late for him to stop Drake from releasing the project? It is too late for Birdman to convince Drake to stay with Cash Money? Again, it just may be, and it certainly looks that way. Finally, rumors have been circulating over this release, but it was believed that Drake would be dropping a free mixtape. Did Drake’s team tell the label that it would be a free mixtape, as to not worry about Drake exiting his contract so soon? This is just speculation, but it does all seem to add up.

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