Donda’s House Needs Your Help to Preserve the Arts for Chicago’s Youth


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Big Sean Speaks at Donda’s House’s “Behind The Mic” (Photo by Dan Garcia/The ER)

For those who don’t know Donda’s House is a non-profit organization created in honor of Kanye West’s late mother, Dr. Donda West. The mission of Donda’s House is to honor the educational legacy of Dr. West by implementing arts, health/wellness, and literature experiences that transform youth. In addition to their daily operations and weekly events, Donda’s House has put on a number of big events in the past year specifically, including their “Behind the Mic” event with Big Sean and their community showcase at this year’s AAHH! Fest. Now because of Illinois budget cuts, Donda’s House and its mission has been threatened, and they are asking for your help to make sure that all of Chicago’s youth has access to arts and a safe space at Donda’s House.

“After our program, (students) who have dropped out are ready to re-enroll in school, they have a blueprint for their personal and professional future and they belong to a community of peers and mentors who make themselves available to be there during their challenges and to celebrate their successes. To date we have served 120 artists between the ages of 14 – 24 years old in Chicago.

Our efforts to provide this opportunity for young people are currently under threat.  On Tuesday, January 27th, we had an Orientation for our Spring Programming. Then, on Thursday, January 28th, the State of Illinois sent an e-mail to over 18 agencies stating that “effective immediately”, funding for Spring Out of School (OST) Funding & Youth Employment Programs had been cut. On Friday, January 29th, we had to make the critical decision to either cancel our Spring Programming OR raise the funds. On Monday, February 2nd, we opened applications for our Spring 2015 Program, where we received a huge pool of applicants.

Your contribution will send a resounding signal to our State Capital, and to the 60 youth we are enrolling in our Spring Program that art matters and it is the pulse of any healthy community.

Make a donation and find more information here at IndieGoGo. Perks offered to donors include (among other benefits) signed merch, a VIP meeting with a future “Behind the Mic” guest, and even a studio session with Grammy Award winning rapper Rhymefest. 


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