“Charles Hamilton Is Back”, Releases New Track “Correct”


Courtesy of Pigeons and Planes

“Call your friends, all your friends, go ‘head, whistle. Tell ’em that it’s official. Charles Hamilton is back!” raps Charles Hamilton on his 2009 track, a year where the former XXL Freshman had a lot more buzz than he has today. And after a viral video of him being punched by his former girlfriend and after checking himself into a mental hospital, it seemed like his hype had went away. Now though it appears as “Charles Hamilton is back” as he just released his new track ‘Correct’. Stream the new track below as Charles emotionally raps about his sins and his take on police brutality.

I’ve been fighting sleep saying prayers for the lost.
I care for the law but I ain’t careful at all.
I wanna confess to every sin I committed,
But I’m tryna be a rebel so give me a minute.
Really I get it. Your fear for the misunderstood
Gives you the right to attack. It’s understood.
But to get that, get this. Decisions to make
Picture your fate and don’t give it away.
I’m sitting in place and standing my ground,
Which is a disgrace to the planet I found.
Can I be down? I want nothing more than to fit in.
Forced into living but my course wasn’t written.
I’m growing past holding cash, knowing when to clash.
Glowing from the past. Show me where it’s at.
Something’s coming but my vision is cloudy.
Here I am fixing the doubt me.

Every time I think I got it figured out I run and yell,
So you know I hate it when I’m wrong.
So if ever I’m Correct I really hope you wish me well,
Maybe this is more than just a song.

I know why cops are shooting black men.
We were raised to be threats but I’m asking
Where does the change begin, at home or the precinct?
I stay alone being decent.
I punched a cop, knowing I would lose my freedom.
I let journalists choose reason.
But since then, the cops blacking out has been senseless,
Unless you wanna have a talk about it…

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