Songs of the Week featuring Pusha T, SZA, Freddie Gibbs & More!



The best and brightest of this past week in music, as well as a throwback track! Hopefully you can bump these on the way to work to brighten up your Monday mornings! Make sure to check out our SoundCloud page where we post some of our past songs of the week.

This one kinda came out of left field with no tweets from Push and no promo. This track is produced by Kanye and is fire flames from King Push nonetheless. Hopefully this means we are getting his solo sophomore effort sooner rather than later.

This week Tyler The Creator took to Tumblr to released his new song, ‘Diaper’. According to Tyler the track is a “RANDOM SONG LAYING AROUND THOUGHT WHY NOT PUT IT SOMEWHERE.” Give it a listen and be sure to catch Tyler on tour next month.

Top Dawg Entertainment‘s SZA shared her new track ‘Sobriety’ this week, which features a slew of producers (Chris Calor, Cody, Thundercat, LoveDragon, and Sounwave). In the track SZA beautifully sings about breakups and how they put her sobriety under question, showing that TDE is about much more than just West Coast rap. You can catch her on tour with The Internet for Jhene Aiko’s upcoming Enter The Void tour this December.

Rapper Freddie Gibbs and the legendary Mike Dean bring us their collaborative track ‘Sellin’ Dope’. The track is fire and Los Santos listeners can find the track in the PS4 and XBox One versions of the new Grand Theft Auto V.

Belgian R&B soul singer/songwriter Selah Sue, described as a hybrid of Adele and Erykah Badu, released her new track ‘Together’ this week, featuring vocals and a verse from TER favorite, Childish Gambino. Definitely check out the stream and purchase the track now on iTunes.



This is the song where, for many, Donald Glover made a huge transition from being an actor to being an actor/rapper. ‘Freak and Geeks’ played a huge role in putting Gambino’s raps on the map and started his solid core fan base. Since ‘Freaks and Geeks’ and his debut EP, simply titled EP, Donald has given us a number of great albums and mixtapes, and is growing as an artist everyday.

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