Spotify and Uber Partnership Announcement Coming Soon


According to reports by the New York Times, the mobile phone application Uber (which allows private drivers to offer taxi-like services to users) is expected to announce a partnership with the music streaming application and website Spotify. This will not just be a business transaction partnership that doesn’t affect customers’ experiences, as the deal will allow customers to play their own Spotify playlist during their Uber drive.

As reported:

“An Uber customer requests a car via the company’s iPhone or Android application. When the driver arrives and the passenger enters the vehicle, he or she will be able to listen to music from their own Spotify playlist inside of the Uber vehicle, these people said.” – New York Times

While the exact details have yet to be announced (and the NY Times sources are unnamed), this will certainly continue to change the way people get around and how people get their music. Both of these services have changed their fields extensively in the past couple years, but not without backlash. Taxi drivers are no strangers to speaking out against Uber while Spotify often rubs artists the wrong way. Look out for an official announcement on Monday.


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