Chief Keef Reveals Back From The Dead 2 Tracklast


The tracklist for Chief Keef’s sequal to his Back From The Dead mixtape is here and featured production by Young Chop, 808 Mafia, and a lot of production from Keef himself. Except the mixtape this Halloween.

  1. Feds (prod. by Young Chop)
  2. Paper ft. Gucci Mane (prod. by 808 Mafia)
  3. Whole Crowd (prod. by Chief Keef)
  4. Faneto (prod. by Chief Keef)
  5. Blurry ft. Tadeo (prod. by Chief Keef)
  6. Cops (prod. by Chief Keef)
  7. Wheres Waldo (prod. by Chief Keef)
  8. Farm (prod. by Chief Keef)
  9. Homie (prod. by Chief Keef)
  10. Sets (prod. by Chief Keef)
  11. Dear (prod. by Chief Keef)
  12. Stupid (prod. by Young Chop)
  13. Cuz (prod. by Chief Keef)
  14. Who is That (prod. by Chief Keef)
  15. Smack DVD (prod. by Chief Keef)
  16. Cashin (prod. by Chief Keef)
  17. The Moral (prod. by Chief Keef)
  18. Swag (prod. by Chief Keef)
  19. B’s (prod. by Ace Bankz)


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