Andre 3000 Talks Big Boi in New Interview


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

While together they have given some of the best quality music for literally decades, the relationship between Andre 3000 and Big Boi has been questionable for the past few years.  However, many Outkast fans will be happy to hear the words Andre shared about his partner in crime recently in an interview with Rolling Stone.

“One of the biggest things that kills me is when people try to put Big Boi down. The chemistry that made Outkast was the balance.” – said Andre

While this shouldn’t be too surprising to hear one member of a group say about the other, given the context of Outkast in the past few years, it is high praise. Not only high praise, but also true. Big Boi certainly doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Tons of today’s biggest rappers are thirsty for a Three Stacks verse, while many forget Big Boi has put out great music since Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. Well done, Dre.

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