Lil Dicky’s ‘Lemme Freak’ Video is Pretty Much Amazing


Courtesy of YouTube

Many rappers, to different degrees, meet at the intersection of rap and humor. It can be as overt and obvious as The Lonely Island and Weird Al, or more subtle, with Childish Gambino or even Kanye. Somewhere in-between is Lil Dicky.

From its remarkable writing, where he breaks from his rhyme scheme to give real world dialogue, to just the sheer humor in some of the things he is saying and doing in the video, Lil Dicky’s ‘Lemme Freak’ video is the best music video we have seen in months (note that we didn’t just say funniest). Check out the video for yourself and some of our favorite lines.

“YouTube about to get her off, but as I type the Y-O-U some porno pop up, I’m like ‘hold up, that’s not even me, I don’t jerk off mobilely”

“Told the man, two Patrol, she like ‘lime’. Said he tried twice, the card got declined. I’m like “could it be a machine issue” he’s like “naw”. I was like “Obviously there’s something wrong, I got dough. I got donuts with the same card, like about an hour ago.”

“Look, I’m athletic, girl I got several rec league MVPs. At my crib I got some pizza and a little bit of weed. In my room I got a TV, plus I recently did sheets. Girl I even have a fridge that has the water on the door like with the crushed ice.”




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