If Kanye Did a B-Side Tour…


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Last November, Tyler the Creator got his wish when he convinced Kanye to perform Tyler’s favorite Ye song ‘Late’ at the Odd Future Carnival, a song that Kanye had not performed in years. Although Kanye consistently delivers two-hour long setlists at his tours, full of hits from his debut The College Dropout to his latest Yeezus, there are many B-side songs that we would love to see live. We reached out to Kanye fans at KanyeToThe to compile a (dark twisted) fantasy setlist full of other B-Side classics.


The Early Years
Two Words
We Don’t Care
Crack Music

Brings Out Jay-Z for…
Never Let Me Down
My Girlfriend
Illest Motherfucker Alive
The Joy
Last Call

The Middle Years
I Wonder
Barry Bonds
Drunk N’ Hot Girls
15 Minute Visionary Stream of Consciousness to the Opening of Say You Will
Say You Will
Welcome to Heartbreak
Street Lights

GOOD Music/Features
Chain Heavy
Good Friday
To The World
The One
Melody of Ego/American Boy Verses
Melody of Selfish/This Way/Flight School/Get By Verses

The Later Years
Blame Game
Guilt Trip
Devin In a New Dress


Drops mic…

Crew: A-Trak (DJ), John Legend (piano), Mike Dean (guitar), Tony Williams (vocals), Jeff Bhasker (piano), Charlie Wilson (vocals)

Small/Mid-size Venues Only (General Admission)

What would you add? Tweet us (@theearlyreg) and let us know!

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